Silent music - polymer class

Sunday 10.02.2019 09:00

This class remains 8 hours, from 9 A.M. till 6 P.M. (incl. 1 hour for lunch). 

Class will be placed in Prague 2, address will come later. 

Technique inspired in the world of music under the perspective of someone that have not ever heard; Fabi focused her attention in the materials used to get the different instruments-wood mostly- and also on the movement of the sound through the air, the vibration and pulse of an specific tone as well as the visual shape of some of them (piano keys for example). She used basic techniques that evolve complicate when you mix them, same way as the music get complex while you add new instruments so you end with a complete orchestra.

Full price: 2980 CZK

Early-bird price (payment till 15. 12. 2018): 2820 CZK

Payment in Euros is possible after agreement. No fee of bank transfer.

If you like gift certificate or/and accommodation (price from 400 CZK), add yout request to application form.  

Payment via bank tranfer, storno 30% of price 1 month before class. 

You will get all information after you send your application via our website here.  We will send you list of material/needs via e-mail one months before class.